Phasmophobia: Early Acces but already the best co-op Ghost Game

Intro to the game:

The horror genre is something that has been very popular lately and Phasmophobia is not an exception. The game made by a sole indie developer is becoming very well received by the gamer public even though it is still in early access.

(credits: Phasmophobia discord)

The horror genre is a wide genre where games like Resident evil would fit in but also games like Visage. Horror games don’t necessarily have to be jump scare games to get the horror label. Phasmophobia though is a good mix of both worlds. The game is made in Unity and the setting is scary, rainy, dark and everything you would ever want out of a scary game. Where a lot of scare games a linear this game has a very big dynamic range and none of the lobby’s you get in to are the same. Phasmophobia is still in early access but for the price tag of ten euro, this could even be a full indie game already.

The game gets in your head at the start. If you think you can just start up Phasmophobia run into a room and start screaming the name of the ghost is properly wrong. You definitely need to get familiar with the various items you can get before you even enter the lobby and plan accordingly. The first few min are crucial to start your journey. Like real-life ghost hunters, planning and communication is the key to success. A little chat with a ghost never hurts someone either, does it?

(credits: Phasmophobia discord)

Summary of the game:

The game starts in the lobby, from here you have a few options; you either go alone into your adventure, with friends or with random people you don’t know but also want to engage in this adventure of hunting ghosts as well. If you want the scariest experience try doing everything solo, dark room, with no noise, and focus all your sound into a headset. Trust me if I tell you the first few games you play you wish you haven’t even booted this game up.

The game is best described as a hunting puzzle game. With the means that you have you run into a building and you have to find the room where the supposed ghost is hiding but that is when the fun begins. The art and even the brilliance of this game is its simplicity. Go in a house, find the ghost room and start your journey finding out what ghost you are dealing with before you, well…. die.


Without spoiling too much we have to say that we have played many horror games in our lifetime but we have yet to see so much diversity and randomness in an early access indie game as we have seen from this developer. Phasmophobia is a game that can be fun when you play it on your own but can be amazing when you play in a full group of four friends and explore the world together. Today the developer has announced that he is going to extend the early access period because of the rapid popularity of his game and he thinks the community wants and maybe expects more when the game is fully released.

The popularity of Phasmophobia is quickly acknowledged when we have a look at the growing community discord where the developer and admins are very active and keep the daily growing community in the loop and listen to their suggestions. They feel heard and that is something big studios still can learn loads from. We will leave a link to the discord if you want to see it for yourself. If you want to get the game yourself and start playing in the early access you can click here.


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