Phasmophobia Guide: Tips and Tricks for a ghosthunter

Phasmophobia is a great game already even though the game is still in the early stages. The game has reached a large community of new ghost hunters and its popularity is growing every day. We have put a big amount of hours in this fantastic game and we feel it is time to do a recap for new Phasmophobia ghost-busters with some tips and tricks that you might or might not know about. We all know that knowledge is power and knowing what you can or cannot do is a crucial part of this game. If you run in blind without a plan just screaming the name of the ghost, it can be fatal for you and your teammates. Don’t forget to read our review

Phasmophobia Tips and Tricks General

  • Knowing the map before you start out is a good way to start out your journey.
  • Your equipment is your friend bring it and don’t be afraid to take too much with you.
  • Learn about the different objectives that you can come across before you start. This way you know what you have to bring to complete them. Forgetting the motion detector or smudge sticks and result in the loss of some decent rewards from the objectives-board.
  • Notice what is going on around you when you enter the location. Do you see lights flickering? Do you hear footsteps? It’s all hints that can help you find that spooky ghost.
  • Take photos. A LOT. everything that is out of the ordinary should be on your camera, ouija board, ghost, phones, open doors, and so on. This could make you extra cash at the end of the run.
  • Your sanity drains in the dark. Turn on lights in the big dark area’s. it’s a waste to do it in small spaces or bathrooms as it will result in shortages and you are back in the scary dark.
  • If you are playing with friends it is understandable that you want to stay close to them, Phasmophobia can be majorly scary. But splitting up covering ground can help you a lot more at times.
  • An important note is a timer above the monitor in the truck. The different difficulties have different timers. These stand for the time that the ghost will not hunt at the beginning of the game. The timer starts from the moment you enter the house. If you have a lot of equipment, move it from the truck to the front of the door before you enter the house for the first time. This makes sweeping the house faster.
  • When you find the ghost room. Have an escape plan! It is important to know where you can and cannot go to when the ghost is hunting you.
  • Keep an eye on your sanity. The lower it becomes the faster you get hunted. A good overview is an easy winner
  • Dirty water in the sink is 100% not worth it if it is your last objective.

Equipment Tips:

  • Thermometer, Thermometer, Thermometer. We can not say enough about this piece of equipment early game. Sweep the house to find the ghost room as easy as possible. If you are playing with friends, bring as many as you can.
  • Some equipment still works if you drop it on the ground, this leaves space for your hands. EMF and spirit boxes are great things to leave on the ground in the ghost room. Do not forget to turn them on!
  • The Ouija board can be a useful item if you find it. Do not forget that it has to be turned on for it to work and asking the wrong questions will result in a massive sanity drain. Also do not forget to turn it off again if you leave it close to a spirit box.
  • Salt lets the ghost leave footprints that can be seen with the UV light. It’s a great way to see the movement of the ghost.
  • Speaking of salt, turn on a UV light or glow stick and aim it near the salt to see where the ghost is heading without holding it in your hands. More free space!
  • Some people do not know that the levels from the EMF meter have a deeper meaning: Level 2 means that the ghost has interacted with an object. Try and find it and take a picture. Level 3 means it has thrown an object, level 4 means that is it about to appear. Level 5? It’s very close to raising hell.
  • Using the spirit box has the most effect when you turn off the lights in the room. It can activate with the lights on but a lot less frequently. Just turn the lights off it is not that scary, is it?

Ghosthunting Tips:

  • The lower your sanity the more likely the ghost will go on a hunt. Keep an eye out for your sanity, it is important to stay sane!
  • If you are getting hunted by the ghost try and move into a room and close the door. A locker or closet is also a great place to hide. Do not forget to close doors! if it is not fully close it will come and snap your neck!
  • In the bigger maps like school and asylum, you can outrun the ghost. Know where you go so you do not corner yourself.
  • Hearing a heartbeat means that the ghost is way too close to you than you want.
  • Triggering a hunt can be tricky. Screaming its name is not always enough. Screaming the word Death a few times sounds scary (it is) but it does trigger the scary and spooky ghost to hunt you. Don’t overdo it though.
  • Talking in the mic without the push to talk button can still be heard by the ghost!

The game itself can be found on steam here.
The Phasmophobia discord can be found here.

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